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Have you ever had that feeling that you know exactly what you want to say, but you can't put it into words? Or have you ever stopped reading just because of badly written content? That's where a copywriter comes in.

Elkano Language Services makes a thorough analysis of the objective of your content. Who are the readers? What should they feel when they read your content? Does the text fit within the overall context and style?

What can you expect?

  • Dutch copy for websites, press releases, brochures, blogs, social media...

  • Focus on easy-to-read language for a specific target audience

  • Flawless grammar and spelling

  • SEO and keyword search for the best search engine results

  • Collaboration with trusted partners for copy in other languages

My background as a copywriter

When I delivered the content for my new website in 2017, my web designer was so happy with it that he asked me to start writing for his other customers. Since then I have been working with various partners to write copy for new websites and other content. Through a collaboration with a renowned digital content creator, I've been writing copy for several years, for some of the most well-known and respected companies in Belgium and abroad. 

Professional translation from English, French and German to Dutch.
My specialties? Technical and creative projects.

Readable and effective copy for your website, social media, articles... You give me the input, I give you solid content.

Would you like to overcome your fear of speaking Dutch, French or English?
I will guide you in a fully personalised course.

Was it they're, their or there? Does this word need a hyphen? Avoid looking bad and have your content checked by a professional.

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