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Meet the language expert!

My name is Sam Michielsen. I've been passionately working with languages in a wide range of contexts for more than 15 years. Are you struggling to find the right words? As no other, I can analyse your message and put it to paper. A correct and readable text that doesn't fail to engage its readers. Would you rather learn to speak a language yourself? As an experienced teacher and coach, I strive to create the ideal environment for you to learn efficiently.

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Professional translation from English, French and German to Dutch.
My specialties? Technical and creative projects.

Readable and effective copy for your website, social media, articles... You give me the input, I give you solid content.

Would you like to overcome your fear of speaking Dutch, French or English?
I will guide you in a fully personalised course.

Was it they're, their or there? Does this word need a hyphen? Avoid looking bad and have your content checked by a professional.


+32 488 40 50 85

Thank you for your message!

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