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Is your company active in Europe? Then there is a good chance that you will have to communicate in several languages at some point. If you want to look professional, it is good practice to hire a translator.

Elkano Language Services delivers sound and easy-to-read content. For every translation I delve into the given context and I use the best software available on the market.

What can you expect?

  • Translation from English, French and German to Dutch.

  • Specialised in technical content: architecture, construction, manufacturing

  • Specialised in creative projects and transcreation: theatre, music literature, commercial content

  • Subtitling with custom software

Looking for another specialisation or set of languages? Using my network, I can find you a trusted partner in no time.

My background as a translator

In 2006 I obtained my Master's Degree in Translation and Applied Linguistics at the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes in Brussels. After specialising in conference interpreting and teaching, I worked in different multilingual positions in Belgium and abroad for eight years. In 2017 I finally took the step and launched my own business as a self-employed translator and language teacher.


Between 2010 and 2017 I worked and translated for various international technical companies (construction, architecture, IT, supply chain), getting very acquainted with the industry. Finding the exact translation for a technical term and making complex concepts understandable are precisely the kind of challenges that I enjoy.


As a hobby actor and musician, I am quite familiar with the world of theatre and music. Creative translation allows me to operate at the crossroads of my talents and passions, which gives me great satisfaction. Do you enjoy theatre yourself? Then you might recognise the titles of these musical scripts that I have had the honour to translate: Catch me if you can (2018), Bonnie and Clyde (2019), Battle of Boat (2021), The Prom (2022) and Once (2022).

Professional translation from English, French and German to Dutch.
My specialties? Technical and creative projects.

Readable and effective copy for your website, social media, articles...
You give me the input, I give you solid content.

Would you like to overcome your fear of speaking Dutch, French or English?
I will guide you in a fully personalised course.

Was it they're, their or there? Does this word need a hyphen? Avoid looking bad and have your content checked by a professional.

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