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Frequently asked questions

How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation depends on multiple factors. The difficulty of the topic, the language combination and the deadline carry the most weight. Are you wondering how much it would cost to translate your content? Send it to me and I will give you a detailed quote within 24 hours. All material submitted will be handled in strict confidence. 


Can I contact you for a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is legally binding and can therefore only be translated by sworn translators recognised by a court of law. This requirement applies to legal or official documents such as deeds and certificates. Elkano does not provide sworn translation.


Why wouldn't I translate my content using Google Translate or another tool?

Nowadays, there are some very powerful machine translation tools. They can be a great help when you want to quickly understand the gist of a text or decipher the exotic characters of a foreign language while travelling. However, they struggle to pick up on subtleties or read between the lines. We have all seen examples of hilarious machine translations completely missing the mark. Nobody can predict what the future holds in terms of technological advances, but for the time being, a human translator is still the only professional and appropriate decision.

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